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Before our team starts their work. We always scan the entire area and mark visible & hidden stains. One thing you will notice about us is to ensure a correct and perfect service.


Once we have confirmation of the right service and plan of action, we spot prep each area marked to ensure a like-new appearance. Our solutions remove nearly 99% of dirt and grime.


More than half way there! This is where our award winnning process shines. We carpet wash all foot traffic and stains away with our ECO-friendly solutions. You are going to love us.


We don't stop there. We protect our service with our famous top coat carpet protection. Now your carpet will stay clean and resist minimal spills and traffic stains - up to weeks!

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A few reasons why thousands have chosen Organic Care for all their carpet cleaning State College PA needs

"Organic Clean's process has been the foundation of our business model for over 10 years!" - Michael with EcoDry Carpet Cleaning Syracuse NY and Surrounding Areas.

"Learning from Organic's classes really pushes our methods to be better and more green." - Miguel, Owner of a carpet cleaning Naperville, IL, company.

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Raising the bar by providing commercial grade ECO-friendly cleaning services at bottom prices. We're That Good!

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The best cleaning comes from using the best machines and solvents. We go above and beyond to revive fiber-stands and colors.

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For Those Outside Our Area: State College covers all of Centre County of State College, Pennsylvania. Locals often use "Happy Valley" for the area including the borough and perimeter townships of College, Patton, Ferguson and Harris. It has been ranked as America's third-safest metropolitan area in 2010. We understand the importance of having a clean home or office. Being outside of our area does not mean you are out of luck. We support businesses that cherish similar company and cleaning values.

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